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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 16, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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you have nothing to do with his reca >> behind the scenes as sean penn breaks his silence. is his life in danger after meeting with drug lord el chap os o? >> we're with charlie rose and how his it isdown came together. >> he's not worried for his safety. >> do you think he should be? >> the mexican government wanted to put you at risk. >> yes. >> inside the making of last night's one-on-one at an l.a. area hotel and the aftermath today.
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>> i have terrible regret. >> backstage as steve harvey comes face-to-face with miss colombia for the very first tv interview after being miscrowned. >> also -- ♪ because you loved me >> celine dion in mourning. new details on her husband's cancer death. his funeral and the love we witnessed. >> it hits you so hard. renee needs me. >> and teresa's first post prison interview. our exclusive girls night out with her daughter. >> what is the first thing did you? >> hugged. yeah. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thank you for joining us. we're going to get to kev frasier in a minute. >> there is a lot of news. tonight's top story, is sean penn's life in danger? >> are you worried about your safety at all, sean? >> sean said he's not worried for his safety. do you think he should be? >> i don't know whether he should be or not. >> of course i know that there
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are people who don't like me out of the gate. >> you're not without ñi controversy? >> not without controversy. fair enough. >> in an exclusive new interview with charlie rose, the actor makes a startling claim, suggests that he had nothing to do with the capture of mexican drug lord el chapo. >> did you catch him? >> the mexican authorities are saying that as a revenge because they felt humiliated after he interviewed el chapo before he was caught. >> do you believe the mexican "ájr' part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes.ñip,xd >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put new their cross hairs? >> yes. >> do you take the credit, sean? >> paparazzi swarmed penn's car after the interview and jus moments after rose landed back in new york, he spoke exclusively to our editor. >> i got a note from him saying could we talk? >> so how did charlie get the interview everyone wanted? well, for one, the journalist
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and the actor are long time friends. on monday, they met privately in l.a. to finalize the sitdown. >> it was his call and he wanted to talk. i wanted to do it as soon as possible. everybody was curious about it. let me be clear, my article has failed. >> penn is passionate about the rolling stone article he wrote about el chapo. the "60 minutes" sitdown airs monday. >> i think it took courage. >> i regret the entire discussion about this article ignores the purpose which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy and the war on drugs. >> what do you think will surprise us the most about sean penn? >> a sense that he is an independent thinker and that he calls it like he sees it. >> now sean spent a total of
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total of seven hours with el chapo. his article went to press the same day he was captured. >> the real housewives jersey had a big night. they opened a clothing store. every day is a reason to celebrate for teresa now that she's no longer behind bars. >> what is the best thing about your mom? >> having her around. it is a totally different feeling have your mom around, your mother figure. >> what is the first thing you? >> hugged. >> it's teresa's tv interview since serving 11 1/2 months in jail. >> i'm wearing bailey top, nicole miller pants. valentino boots. >> those valentino boots goes for $2100 but went on sale for $859.
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her top is $200. the pants almost $300. perfect outfit for the opening of her sister-in-law's new boutique envy. >> i see a difference from now to before she went in? >> i do, actually. >> she's very zen. >> she is zen. it's amazing. it's really nice. >> next we turn to steve harvey, news he's in fear after fallout from the miss universe pageant. >> death threats against your familiarly. i can't let my kids go nowhere. that's difficult, man. that's very, very difficult. >> steve finally goes face-to-face again with miss colombia and miss philippines when they sit down on his show. behind the scenes, can you see miss colombia getting prepped by producers. >> why are you here? finally break your silence? you're going to talk about the tough moment. >> what were you feeling as you stood next to miss colombia? >> i tried to keep a safe distance from her. >> it's likely the two women didn't speak. they taped their appearances at different times. but does miss colombia hate steve?
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well, judging from the shots, all is forgiven. we'll hear it all on steve's two day tv special monday and tuesday. let's talk about the reason that i'm standing here in for kevin frasier. he and samantha harris are hosting a & e's live red carpet coverage of the critics choice awards this sunday. you're not going to believe the list of big stars that are going to be there. we have sly stallone, amy schumer, matt damon just to name a few. >> there is still lots of work to be done. this place will be transformed into a palace and lots of stars will be in the house because the critics choice is one of those pairings of tv and movie that bbings out the most famous faces in hollywood. look at the kind of folks that will be here, christian ba matt damon, aaron sorkin, khloe kardashian and as you mentioned, samantha harris and i will host the red carpet show. that starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern on a & e. a movie that could be a contender here is "star trek beyond." and "e.t." as always, was first on the set of the new movie and there is something special about walking on the "star trek" enterprise that can kind of go to your head. >> "e.t." is first on the set of "star trek beyond."
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>> who is the captain now? >> well, actually, that would still be captain kirk, chris pines. >> the set is so enormous. what kind of a new things will we see on the enterprise? >> well this is new. i haven't seen this before, the weapons. so that is kind of neat. the big tasers are brand new. >> here's another set secret. >> the buttons really work. look. >> blame the screen -- >> just ordered a sandwich. >> action. >> and here's news, zulu has a daughter. we never knew about. that. >> explain this picture. zulu has a baby. >> she's a cutie. >> again, i got it at a picture frame in wall greens.
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>> the bridge is actually jus one of five sets that make up the starship enterprise. the other parts are housed on three other sets. how are you keeping this all secret? people are going crazy about this. >> we're not showing what the uniforms look like or the bridge. >> thank you. good stuff. >> carl irvin shared another secret, how they code each copy of the script. >> we have red script that have& our names printed on them. there are specific spelling mistakes incorporated into each draft so if it were to get out, they could still track it back to whose script it was. >> wow. >> since "star trek" turned 50 this year, look for throwbacks. >> i think everybody behind the scenes, you know, wanted to pay real trhomage to the '60s. >> we've come a long way. "star trek" has been the best and yet at the time it was created, it did the unthinkable. >> "star trek beyond," july 22nd. >> coming back to theaters in a
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big way. you ready? that is my blue steel. what? not very good. hey, "zoolander 2" opens july 12th. there is a super fan experience at the movie premier. one lucky winner and guest have a chance to attend a zoolander red carpet, hang with the stars and be our special "e.t." super fan correspondent. are you in? all right. here's how you enter. head to check this ou famed photographer annie liebowitz took the picture with gigi hadij was there. >> heff's play boy mansion is up for sale. the tennis courts, the grotto, the zoo. our exclusive tour of what $200 million gets you.
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>> the zoo license will come with the hou >> oh, my god! >> and as "grease" comes to tv, we uncover the original movie's on set hookups, the fights, and you won't believe who almost played danny and sandy. >> that is next. ♪ i got chills they're >> that is next. ♪ i got chills they're multiplyin wha...before the was discovered... and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. x: kcks doo oh my gosh, stephanie we're, hoy?, got i'm dying my hair,om. hairye?hone.. 's jt pule. enagdauger? gescruing bble kill 99% ogermanddesty gre.
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that is just one of the classic songs from "grease" and we're excited about the upcoming "grease live"fox. julianne huff is playing sandy. >> those are big shoes to fill. of course those roles played in the classic movie by olivia newton-john and john travolta. they were amazing together. you won't b who those roles almost went to. >> tell me about it, stud. >> they had brought up linda rondstat and marie osmond. but every guy in t world wants olivia newton-john their girlfriend. >> john let us in on that secret in 1998. carrie fisher was also considered for the role of sandy. the reason mar turned it down -- >> she didn't foresee how, you know, how big a t sandy was going to take at the end and that spandex image and that wasn't her image.
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>> here's another secret. >> they would stitch me into those pants. so needlesssay, i didn't drink or eat much thos days that we were filming. >> sandy? >> now what do you remember about those leathers pants? >> everything. >> it is hard to imagine a playing danny other than travolta. but he wasn't first choice. >> henry winkler dropped out because he didn't want to be typecast forever asdanny. >> in the broadway musical, "grease lightning" is sung by the car. but john travolta told me he wanted the number and so he got the number. >> "grease" went on to be the number one grossing movie in 1978. >> it could have been somebody else and it may not have been the same. ♪ those summer nights >> and here's one mo casting
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could have been the last minute of course the role stocker channing and man did she deliver. >> up next, what we learned about the funeral sstss for celine dion's husband. and our look at her love for renee that stood the test of time. >> we have the same dreams. we have the same goals. >>then, a rare look inside the "playboy" mansion on the market for $200 million. doesheff himself really come with the deal? >> i mean if, these walls cou talk. i don't know what stories we would hear. >> that is ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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here is a piece of hollywood history that went up for sale this week, the "playboy"
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mansion. if the walls couldtalk. our carly steel went inside to see what $200 million will get you. ♪ >> four bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, multiple dining rooms, 20,000 square feet. yours for that asking price says the agent. >> it's one of most expensive properties to be sold in l.a. what you get is privacy, five acres, you get history. >> speaking of history, some of hollywood's legend airy parties have been held at heff's house. we were there for heff's 60th and 80th birthday >> i plan on continuing this for a while. >> through the doors walked icons like tony curtis, lloyd bridges. no wonder there is one catch to the deal. while he's with us, heff stays. >> what is behind that? >> i think it's heff's hope. we don't want to kick him out. >> anna nicoll smith had her coming out party here. >> there is a great deal of
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marilyn monroe going on in >> there is the entryway. >> oh, wow. it is really impressive. >> they haven't changed it. >> it's amazing. you just feel a sense of has real atmosphere. >> we have 22 foot high ceilings here in the grand hall. look at -- check out the hand carved wood everywhere. >> this is quite an entrance. >> there is even a room built like the back of a van and hugh's legendary game room. >> fantastic. >> the mansion has be location for shows such as "sex in the city" and "the fresh prince of belaire." >> can i use the car, please? >> in 1989, mary hart took a tour with heff and his then fiancee. >> how do you feel about living your life based right here at the mansion? >> i love it. >> we got our little animals. >> and each other. >> you pet him and his comb goes
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up. that's like purring. >> you're so sweet. >> there are 150 animals on the property and the house comes with an actual license to run a zoo. >> it is only of the only zoo licenses we know of in all of los angeles out side of the l.a. zoo. >> they hang out. like they're playmates. >> actually, the playmates usually hang out at the lagoon or in that infamous >> this is like the pirates of the caribbean >> what happens in the grotto stays in the grotto. >> heff bought that home in 1971 for just over $1 million. celine dion sang of eternal "my heart will go on" canceled shows this weekend at caesars palace with the death of her husband, mentor and love life. i talked to her about that love and entertainment tonight has seen it firsthand for decades. and tonight's big picture, celine and renee, a love story.
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♪ don't want to be alone tonight ♪ >> i went to his house and sang in front of him and i was 12 years old we've been working together since that time. >> once renee heard her incredible voice, he became her manager, a father figure and despite their 26-year age difference whether she became older, they fell in love. they were married to a lavish ceremony in december of 1994. >> i wanted to have my prince of charm waiting for me. having the biggest dress ever. >> last night on the vegas strip, caesars palace paid tribute to renee. >> we do not know quite yet whether his final wish which was to pass away being held by her in her arms actually was fulfil the funeral service will be held in montreal.
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the religious se will be held next friday at the basilica where the cou married. ♪ because you love me >> as her careersoared, he was by her side. even a little jittery before she would take the stage. >> nervous. very nervous. >> but their lives were shattered whether doctors found a cancerous growth on renee's neck. >> yeah. it went pretty quick. we were touring. >> he underwent two operations and six weeks of radiation. celine took two years off to care for her husband. >> when something like this happens to you, it hits you so hard. but i felt very strong because i said to myself, renee needs me. >> in 2000 doctors believed he was cancer-free. the couple renewed their vows in a ceremony where they spoke their vows in french. [ speaking french ] >> this is the second show. showbiz people, exaggerating
12:25 am
thing. it makes us feel like we're almost in a trance right now. >> as a couple, the two were loved in their native quebec. when they welcomed twins nelson and eddie in 2010, they were overjoyed. and recently as renee fought bravely to battle the disease, celine cherished every m >> today was a good day. and embrace it. because we don't know about tomorrow. >> our heart goes out to you. now celine has such a personal relationship with her fans and she shared the news on twitter and facebook yesterday in both french and english. >> and in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which rapper's real name is armando? is it pitbull, or ludicris or snoop dog. >> i'm going with pi >> the answer is coming up next.
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knew about me. >> it's all on
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welcome back to the show, ever in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which rapper's real name is armando? that is he turns 35 today. >> you have a streak. streak of one right answer. we're out of time. we have one more thing for you to check out as we say good night. have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye, everybody. >> hold on. are you hitting on me? >> new in theaters today, kevin heart and ice cube in "ride along 2." "norm of the north" and "13 hours." secret soldiers of benghazi. it stars a buffed up john crazinski. >> i couldn't do a pullup when i started this thing. by the end i looked like i did and i said let's do pullups for fun. >> the real heroes of this t story are the six ex-military operatives who fought back against more than 100 islamic militants.
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>> it's about courage and honor. you're just doing what you have that's why we train and train and train. sean penn's new interview. the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i'm still doing the same drill i use do before. there's more attention paid for whatever reason. >> amal clooney for justice. but can't escape george's celebrity. >> then -- >> the husband and manager of celine dion has died. >> celine says good-bye to renee. as hollywood suffers another loss. we're inside the de threes phenomenon. >> celebrities are dying all time. ♪ tell me what you want >> the spice girls respond to adelle's car pool k do they think she's just a wanna


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